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Report A Compatibility Issue

Please only use this form if you've us bought a Laptop Keyboard and it isn't compatible with your laptop. Fill out as much information as you can then press the submit button. The information will then be sent to us via e-mail and a member of our support team will e-mail you back as soon as possible.

About You

  • In the box please enter the e-mail address used when you registered on the relevant website. Please type the e-mail address carefully as this is the e-mail address we will send a reply to.

About Your Laptop

  • In the box please enter the Laptop series. For example if it's a Toshiba it could be a Satellite, Satellite Pro, Equium etc. If it's HP it could be Compaq, Pavilion, Omnibook etc. If your laptop doesn't have a series you can just leave this box blank.

  • In the box please enter the exact model number of your laptop from the label underneath. This is important as some laptops with similar model numbers can take different keyboards. For example if it's a Toshiba Satellite P25, we would need the exact model from the label underneath e.g P25-S670

About Your Old Laptop Keyboard

  • Please remove your old keyboard from your laptop and enter any model numbers (from the underside of the keyboard) into the box.

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