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  • Nintendo Classic Mini doesn't come with a power supply?


    h2x1_nintendoclassicminines_announcementBeing an 80's teenager,  I was super excited when Nintendo announced they were going to release a mini version of the classic 80's NES console, so I went ahead and pre-ordered mine back in July.

    Well it finally arrived yesterday and I was shocked to discover it didn't come with a power supply. Luckily working for Power4Laptops I could get my hands on one quite easily, so if you do need a power supply for the Nintendo Classic Mini you can get hold of one at the link below:-


    To be fair to Nintendo it does come with a USB cable that you can power from a USB source, but a lot of TV's don't have a USB socket built in and most people don't keep a computer next to their TV.

    The other downside of the new Nintendo Classic Mini is the length of cable on the controller. You really do have to sit right in front of the TV when you are playing it, it's that short. That might have been OK back in the 80's when the largest TV sizes were 21 to 24 inches, but to be sat so close to a 50 inch TV is a bit much.

    Nintendo should really launch a wireless controller, it would make the retro gaming experience so much more enjoyable.


    The great thing about this console though is that it comes packed with 30 classic games Super Mario 1, 2 and 3, Punch Out, Donkey Kong, Excitebike, Pac-Man etc. It also gives you save points on games so you don't have to go right back to the beginning each time.

    All in all it's brilliant fun and it's a reminder of what started the gaming revolution off before you had all the gizmos and different button combinations for different moves like you get on modern consoles. It's simple and easy and I love it.

  • Wireless Charging for any Qi Enabled Device

    Our latest product at Power4Laptops, is the Wireless USB Charger for Qi enabled devices.


    Wirelessly charge any Qi enabled smartphone. With a sleek, ultra slim design the Wireless Charging Plate is a fantastic space saving way to charge your phone at your home, office or on the go. Designed for quick and intuitive charging, this Qi enabled charging power bank allows you to charge any Qi enabled smartphone without the mess of charging cables. Supports drop and go charging anywhere on the pad. The free positioning feature of the Plate allows for greater drop and go convenience, giving you the freedom to charge your device quickly without having to lock your device into an exact position. This provides peace of mind as no matter how your phone is placed on the pad, its battery will be charged successfully. Compatible with Qi charging adapters, the Wireless Charging Plate is manufactured to the Qi standard. Qi is the sign of interoperability between power transmitters and power receivers.

    It's important to remember that with Wireless USB Chargers, any charger will charge any phone as long as it's Qi enabled.

    Click here to buy a Qi Wireless USB Charger.

    What is Wireless Charging?
    Qi Wireless Charging with a wireless energy transfer of up to 5 watt.

    Qi (the Chinese word for “energy flow“, pronounced like the “chee“ in “cheese“) is the universal standard for wireless charging of battery opererated devices like cell phones, iPods, MP3 players and cameras.

    The wireless power transfer occurs through electromagnetic induction. With inductive charging the required power reaches the device not through a traditional cable but rather wirelessly through the use of electromagnetic fields. The principle is very simple: the Qi Sender (Charging Station) transfers the required energy to the Qi receiver (the mobile phone).

    What is the point of wireless charging?
    The biggest advantage of Qi Wireless Charging technology is that cell phones and chargers from different manufactures are compatible. The only requirement is that both parts – the sender and the receiver – fulfil the Qi specifications.

    Therefore, every Qi enabled device is compatible with every Qi charging transmitter, regardless of the manufacturer or make of the device. Numerous cell phones, including from market leaders like Nokia, Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola and HTC,already comply with the Qi standard and can therefore be charged by any Qi Charging Station. The number of enabled devices is constantly growing as Qi wireless charging technology is integrated by an ever-expanding list of manufacturers. This allows you to charge your various battery operated electronic devices with just a single charging station.

    How does Qi Wireless Charging work?
    It’s based on the principle of induction

    Wireless Charging isn’t really a completely new product. Electric toothbrushes have been using the principles of inductive charging for many years. Qi Wireless Charging uses a resonant inductive coupling between the sender (the charging station) and the reciever (the mobile device). A regular test signal is sent by the sender to check for a capacity or resonance change, telling the Qi enabled charger base that a qi compatible phone is present. The sender modulates the charge and checks for compatibility to the Qi standard.

    Once Qi compatibility and the energy requirement have been calculated, the charging through induction begins. During the charging the sender and receiver remain in contact and switch into standby mode as soon as the battery is fully charged. Another advantage of the Qi charger base is that it only activates and transfers energy when an enabled device requiring charging is placed upon it.

    With this technology the electromagnetic coils that send and receive the charge are especially shielded to reduce electromagnetic rays.

    Is Wireless Charging worth it?
    How convenient would it be to have a single charger for all your phones, iPods, MP3 players, cameras and not even need annoying cables?

    As endless new smartphones cover the world battery running times have become shorter. Every make, sometimes even every device, has its own special charger. When you get a new device you need a new compatible charger. You quickly find yourself with a confusing pile of different chargers.

    No more different chargers, no cable spaghetti, no empty batteries are only some of the advantages of wireless charging.

    Qi as the global standard for inductive charging
    Qi inductive charging is the global standard to wirelessly charge your phone batteries.

    Do you remember the first time you heard of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

    Just as Wi-Fi has become the global standard for wireless internet connections and Bluetooth; for handsfree, so will Qi become the global standard for inductive charging. Qi Standard is the future for cable free wireless charging for battery-operated devices for all.

    How much electromagnetic radiation is emitted by the Qi Wireless Charging System?

    Insignificantly little.

    The principle of Qi has been used in electronic toothbrushes for years without any known physical effects on human health. Due to the low range of the Qi wireless charging technology, the electromagnetic radiation is severely limited.

    Electromagnetic radiation exists only in the immediate area of the Qi wireless charging station and only when a device is placed there. The release of electromagnetic rays is further reduced by additional shielding in the sending and receiving coils of the Qi standard.

    Click here to buy a Qi Wireless USB Charger.

    Wireless Power Consortium
    The aim of introducing an international standard for Wireless Charging

    The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) was established on the 17th December 2008 and in the same year adopted Qi as the single standard for inductive charging. The introduction of Qi as the global standard enables universal inductive charging for all Qi compatible electronic devices.

    That means that every Qi compatible device can be charged on every Qi compatible charging station. The Wireless Power Consortium, with 250 members including market leaders Samsung, Nokia, LG, Panasonic, HTC, Sony, Microsoft, Ikea and Motorola, is the biggest union of manufacturers for cable free, inductive charging.

    “Due to the increase of Qi products, it is important to ensure that all wireless chargers work correctly with all mobile devices” says WPC Chairman Menno Treffers “the continually updated database created by Testronic makes it easy to determine whether a new product will be compatible with previously certified products.”

    “In our view the introduction of the Qi Standard is one of the most important technical developments for users of mobile devices such as phones, tablets and other devices that are now used everyday in our work and private lives“ says Johan Craeyback, Chief Technology Officer at Testronic Labs.

    Click here to buy a Qi Wireless USB Charger.

  • Laptop Fans and Laptop DC Jacks now live on Power4Laptops!!

    As many of our customers already know, we have been selling Laptop Fans and Laptop DC Jacks for quite a while on eBay and Amazon, but up until recently we hadn't sold them on our website. Earlier this week, we launched both product ranges on our website at cheaper prices than both eBay and Amazon. So if you are in the market for a new Fan or DC Jack for your laptop, get in there and grab yourself a bargain!!

  • Apple iPhone 5, 6, 6 Plus Tempered Glass Screen Protector - New Product Launch

    PRO-GLASS-4 For anyone who's ever suffered a cracked screen, our toughened tempered Glass Screen Protector is the obvious choice in high-end screen protection for your iPhone 5, 5C and 5S. The tempered glass amazed us when we evaluated it.

    We love it because this super slim 0.33mm screen protector has super tough 9H hardness, meaning it's virtually impossible to scratch. The silicone-based base layer bonds tight to the phone without adhesive, meaning it virtually applies itself and never any bubbles when applied (a huge bonus for anyone who's ever applied and reapplied a sticker screen protector).

    The tempered glass screen protector's multi-layer construction has smooth rounded edges around the perimeter and speaker/home key openings for a feel that's just like your own iPhone's screen - but infinitely more protective.

    This is the next-generation in screen protectors, as it is not only self-applying in seconds (without any bubbles) but also has oleo phobic (oil resistant) coating for reduced fingerprints and a smoother feel. Overall, this screen protector is the answer for anyone who's nervous about a cracked screen, and wants stunning high-definition clarity with no noticeable screen distortion.

    Check out the video below that shows you just how tough this Tempered Glass really is:-

    We have a special loss leading launch price offer on these screen protectors of only £1.99 including post and packing. This is amazing value and will be only on for a limited time until the product reaches the first page on eBay search rankings, so take advantage today.

    Check out our eBay listing for iPhone 5 Tempered Glass here.

    Check out our eBay listing for iPhone 6 Tempered Glass here.

    Check out our eBay listing for iPhone 6 Plus Tempered Glass here.


  • How to connect the Power Cord to your Charger

    Recently some customers have had problems connecting the power cord to their charger. The video below shows the best way to connect them.

  • LED - The Future Of Lighting

    LED bulbs are undoubtedly the biggest breakthrough in lighting in the last 50 years. They are much more efficient compared to older technologies such as Incandescent and Halogen and they have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.

    Traditional light bulbs work by passing an electric current through an extremely thin filament which becomes very hot and emits light. The problem with this is that 90% of the electricity is wasted as heat so the traditional light bulb isn't very efficient. LED bulbs have numerous Light Emitting Diodes that produce light when a current is passed through them. The current excites the electrons inside the diode and produces light. They are much more energy efficient because they only need a small current to emit light. The LED doesn't need to get hot to produce any light so they need just 10% of the energy a traditional light bulb needs.

    So how much money could you save by switching to LED? Well, if you swopped a 50 watt halogen bulb with a 3-4 watt LED, just switching that bulb alone could save you £15 a year. Also don't forget that they also last 40-50 times longer than a normal bulb so over it's lifetime changing one bulb could save you over £500.

    Here at Power4laptops we've just launched an amazing deal on some GU10 socket LED bulbs. The bulbs feature the latest SMD technology. SMD stands for Surface Mounted Device. The LED is soldered directly onto the Printed Circuit Board, this means the LED takes up less space and has an improved thermal connection.

    Check out our eBay listing for GU10 LED bulbs here

    Power4Laptops GU10 LED Bulbs Power4Laptops GU10 LED Bulbs
  • The dangers of buying an original charger

    One of the most common questions we get at Power4laptops is "Do you sell original chargers?". We don't sell the original ones for a couple of reasons.

    The first thing is the cost. Even at the cheaper end, the original brand chargers tend to retail about £40 - £50 which is way more expensive than our own Power4Laptops chargers.

    The second reason is the market is absolutely flooded with fake counterfeit chargers. These chargers will look exactly like your original one, but these fake chargers don't meet UK safety regulations and can lead to fires and electric shocks. So we didn't want to have to compete against someone selling a so called original brand charger for £7.99 on eBay or Amazon when in reality the charger they are selling is fake.

    On the outside, the differences between a fake charger and a genuine charger are getting harder to spot as the counterfeiters use better techniques. The real difference is on the inside. Cheaper components are used and many will have lumps of metal taped inside the casing to make them feel heavier.

    Power4laptops branded chargers use high quality components from reputable suppliers. They are CE certified and have been tested in the UK to ensure they meet UK Safety Regulations.

    Our advice, if you still want to buy an original laptop charger, is only to purchase one direct from the manufacturer as the majority of websites offering branded chargers are selling fakes.

  • How to buy a Laptop Charger

    At Power4Laptops we have a massive range of chargers on the site. At the last count we had chargers to fit over 129,000 models of laptop. But what if you can't find your model of laptop on the site?

    The easiest way to help us find your charger is to fill in the Help Finding a Charger form. The form just asks for some details about your laptop, such as Manufacturer, Model, Input Voltage, Input Amperage.

    Most of the information can be found on the label underneath the laptop, often in really small writing. The Input Voltage will read something like **V e.g 19V. The Input Amperage will be something like ***A e.g 3.42A. On HP laptops this information can be sometimes found underneath the battery compartment.

    After you have filled in the form we will normally contact you the next business day with a link to a listing so you can buy the correct charger straight away. If we have trouble determining which type of charger you need we may ask for a close up picture of the plug on your old charger or the power socket at the back of your laptop. This helps us find the correct plug size as some manufacturers use different plug sizes.

    Don't forget to use our latest discount code "5%OFF" when purchasing your new charger. Just type the code in the discount box, when you checkout.

  • Welcome to ADC Internet Deals

    Just a quick post to say that we have recently upgraded our website and we'll be rolling out more changes in the next few weeks. The website features over 250,000 laptop chargers and you can locate your charger here by using the product finder.

    Continue reading

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